What if a man has risen from the dead?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead, as the documents say? Is He really the Son of God, as He claimed to be? Or was he a fraud, a liar, and a lunatic as his opponents claimed he was? Some critics say that his corpse was stolen by his disciples. Others maintain that the disciples went to the wrong tomb or had hallucinations. Did they create a legend in order to maintain their faith in Jesus and keep the movement going? What evidence do we have that the resurrection of Jesus really happened?  For more answers watch the following documentary.
Documentary "The Third Day" (30:00)
More Informations about Jesus
Was he a guru? The founder of a new religious sect? A jewish fanatic? Who was this man really? These questions were asked by countless people throughout the centuries until today. This film uncovers some of the truths about the character, background and personality of Jesus.
Documentary "Jesus Report" (20:00)
If you want to receive more informations. Contact us! You can order the two films "The Third Day" (55:00) and "Yeshua - Discovering the Real Jesus" (60:00) in the original version as a DVD or a Download from VIMEO for $ 8.00 each.
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